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Sketch 46 Crack – A Guide to the New Features

Sketch 46 crack is a vector-based tool, primarily used by screen designers to create websites, icons and user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices. It is a relatively new tool that really started making waves throughout the design community when it won Apple’s prestigious design award in 2012, for version 2 of the software. Since then, its popularity and fan base have been consistently increasing. It is now widely recognized as a design tool of choice for many digital companies and startups throughout the world.

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Sketch 46 Full Crack

Sketch 46 Crack has been recently launched. The new features allow you to easily reorganize and edit the graphics. It is simple to use and comprises of powerful vector drawing and text tools, such as complete Boolean operations, symbols, effective rulers, leads, and grids. Sketch 44 has kept the main focus on refining the Artboards. Additionally, it has a better support for missing fonts, greatly enhanced resizing controls and a cutting-edge feature for Sketch Cloud.


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  • There has been a massive overhaul in the Artboard picker. Content can be adjusted when resized by the Artboards themselves
  • There is a new way to handle absent fonts in documents
  • The curves on the rounded corners of vector paths are now more accurate
  • Resizing controls are now more flexible and powerful
  • A comments section has been introduced in Sketch Cloud where others can comment on the Artboards you have shared
  • Sketch 44 Crack gets a new Touch Bar button
  • Paths can now be opened and closed by keyboard shortcuts
  • Artboard presets have been split into categories and can be selected using a drop-down menu
  • Dedicated buttons have been introduced in Sketch 44 Crack to select portrait or landscape mode
  • There is now an easier way to select multiple Artboards
  • Whenever you’re faced with the situation of missing fonts, you will be notified about it and a couple of options will be given to you to fix this
  • No need to guess which edge an object will pin to, as you can now choose it yourself
  • You now have an option to decide whether an object’s height and width or both should change while resizing the parent
  • Rounded corners now run smoothly, especially when you want to round a straight point type which is connected to a curve
  • A comments section is now introduced right along the Artboards in Sketch Cloud. It’s ideal for receiving feedback on your project
  • Updates in the “iOS” UI template. Nested symbols, better overrides and new styles have been introduced
  • Symbols and Shared (Text) Styles now have an option of nested menus when substituting via the Inspector
  • A new menu item is now there in Sketch 44 Crack to move a layer up in the ladder
  • Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.11 / MacOS Sierra
  • Window XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • Close if running
  • Download Sketch 46 Crack full version
  • Open and extract the files
  • Run the crack files and install
  • The full version is now ready to be used


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